Playing Lexo

Launch Lexo and you’ll see the Homescreen. The buttons on the left hand side of the screen start the different games you can play with Lexo.

Help - provides in-game Help.
Game Statistics - lets you view your high scores and other statistics for each game and charts your overall progress.
Options - lets you change the difficulty level, spellings and other game options.


Lexo’s gameplay is simple to learn, yet challenging to master. You’re presented with a succession of jumbled up words. Your task is to unscramble them to find the hidden word.

Just drag the letter tiles with your finger to rearrange them - the others will move out of the way.
At any time you can:
End - you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to end the game before it quits

on a word - give up on the current word. If you’ve chosen to do so from the Options screen the hidden word will be revealed. Press Next Word to continue.

Pause - the tiles will be hidden; press Continue to continue play. (The game will also enter the paused state if your iPhone or iPod touch goes to sleep.)

Playing the Different Games

“Solve as many words as you can with your 3 lives. Lose a life each time you fail to solve a word within the time limit.”

You begin with 3 lives and 1 minute on the clock. Solve the word within the time limit to score points and move onto the next word.
Fail to solve the hidden word and you lose a life. The game is over when you lose 3 lives.

At any time you can pass on a word. A new scrambled word will take its place -but you’ll only have whatever time is remaining on the clock to solve it.

As you solve more words, the time limit decreases. After you score 5 correct words the time limit decreases to 50 seconds. After 10 correct words it decreases to 40 seconds. If you solve 15 correct words, you’ll have to solve the remaining words in only 30 seconds.

Against The Clock
“Solve as many words as you can in 3 minutes.”

Against The Clock was designed for those occasions when you only have a few moments to spare. There’s a strict time limit of 3 minutes. The object is to solve as many words as you can, as quickly as you can, within those 3 minutes.

Time Trial
“Solve 5 words as quickly as you can.”

Keep your brain in tip-top condition with Time Trial. All you have to do is solve 5 words as quickly as you can.

No Pressure
“Solve as many words as you like. Take as long as you like.”

We’re not always in the mood for quickfire, high pressure gameplay. Sometimes we just want to exercise our wits in our own good time - particularly when we’re tackling the thornier words at the highest difficulty level. That’s what No Pressure’s for. No time limits. No targets. No score. Just the pleasure of solving as many words as you like, in your own good time.

The Words

The most important part of the game. Lexo’s words have been selected from a range of classic and not so classic sources to provide a challenging mix of everyday and less prosaic words. Each word has been manually reviewed and graded into one of 3 difficulty levels. You can choose between these from the Options screen:

Easy Words - are shorter (usually 5 or 6 letters in length) and more common
Medium Words - are longer (usually up to 8 letters in length) and may contain less common words
Hard Words - tend to be the longest (9 and 10 letters in length) and may be rare.

Lexo tracks your progress solving words. When you solve a word, Lexo marks it as solved and won’t use it again. (Lexo only recycles solved words once you’ve successfully completed all the words from a particular difficulty level, or if you choose to reset the game.) You can track your progress solving Lexo’s words from the Games Statistics screen.


You score points for each word you solve in Endurance, Against The Clock and Time Trial. The score is calculated as follows:

1 point for each letter in the solved word, plus
5 points if the word is from the Medium difficulty level, or
10 points if the word is from the Hard difficulty level.

The basic score is then multiplied by a bonus factor depending on how quickly you solved it. Your score is multiplied by:

5 if you solved it in 10 seconds or less
4 if you solved it in between 10 and 20 seconds
3 if you solved it in between 20 and 30 seconds
2 if you solved it in between 30 and 40 seconds

Charting your Progress

Press the Game Statistics button on the Homescreen to view your progress and achievements.

The Lexo Statistics screen charts your progress in solving Lexo’s words. It breaks down the number of words you’ve played, solved and the number remaining for each difficulty level.

Press the Reset button if you want to reset the statistics back to zero. You’ll be asked to confirm before the statistics are reset. Resetting the statistics will also cause any words you’ve already solved to be put back into play.
There are also separate statistics screens for each game. Navigate between them using the arrow buttons.

The screens show a variety of statistics relating to each game including the number of times it’s been played, the highest score achieved and the best word solved.

Bragging about your Achievements

(requires OS 3.0 or above)
If you’re playing Lexo on an iPhone or iPod touch running OS 3.0 or above, you can brag about your achievements via email. Press the Brag button from any of the statistics screens to send a copy of the statistics to your friends.

The standard mail composition screen will open. Type the email address of the person you want to brag to in the To field, or press the Add (+) button to choose from the address book.

Add any text you want to the body of the message and press the Send button in the navigation bar. Your message will be queued and sent in the background.

Setting Game Options

The Options screen lets you change settings relating to the game.

You can choose the difficulty level of the words with which you want to play, or have Lexo choose words from all difficulty levels.

You can choose which spellings (UK, US, Australian or Canadian) Lexo uses. (When you first install Lexo it will use whichever spellings you’ve set in your iPhone or iPod touch’s Settings.)

Deselecting Play Sound Effects turns off the sound effects.

Selecting Reveal Passed Words causes the hidden word to be revealed whenever you press the Pass button whilst playing a game.