Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Here at Cute Logic, we’re very proud of Cute Slideshow. We believe it’s one of the best slideshow apps out there. It’s easy to use. It creates great looking slideshows. And with modern iOS devices, you can play your slideshows back on a TV or video projector, or make them into movies and share them.

There’s only one problem. The name. Let’s face it, Cute Slideshow just doesn’t set the right tone. There are no cuddly animals to look at. No cute dogs. A complete absence of lolcats. At first glance, the name might give you quite the wrong impression.

It's time for a change. Starting with the next release of Cute Slideshow, it will have a completely new name.

Along with the new name, we’ve overhauled the interface design. It’s got a new sleeker look that’s much more in keeping with the stylish and professional results the app is capable of producing. It’s still got all its great features and it’s just as easy to use. We think you’ll love it


So wave goodbye to Cute Slideshow and say hello to Kinetic Light. We think its a huge improvement.

Kinetic Light Slideshow will be available in the App Store shortly. It’s a free upgrade for existing users of Cute Slideshow.