Create an Instant Slideshow

Instant Show is a great feature which lets you quickly create slideshows. With Instant Show it only takes 3 taps to create a slideshow.

Tap the Instant Show button on the Homescreen to start creating an Instant Show.
The Instant Show screen shows you sets of photos you can use to create an Instant Show.

If you're using a device with a camera, like an iPhone or iPod touch (4th generation), at the top of the screen you'll see sets based on photos you've taken with your device.

These may include Last Roll, Today's Photos, This Week's Photos, Most Recently Taken. (More info...)

Whatever device you're using, the bottom of the screen shows albums you've synchronised from iTunes.
Tap one of the sets of photos to create an Instant Show.
The Instant Show Front Page slides into view.

Tap the Play button to instantly view your slideshow.

Or tap the Soundtrack button to add music to your slideshow.

If you'd like to keep the slideshow, tap the Keep This button. This converts your slideshow and adds it to My Shows.

If you have a device with a built in camera, such as an iPhone or 4th generation iPod touch, you can create Instant Shows based on the following sets of photos:

Last Roll - the photos you've taken since you last used Kinetic Light, up to a maximum of 36 photos.

Today’s Photos - all the photos you've taken today, up to a maximum of 100 slides.

This Week’s Photos - all the photos you’ve taken this week, up to a maximum of 100 slides.

Most Recently Taken - the 36 most recently taken photos.