Make a Movie

You can turn your slideshows into beautiful videos you can share with your friends. (Watch some examples.)

You need an iPhone 4 or iPod (4th Generation), or better to make videos with Kinetic Light.

From the slideshow front page, tap the Make Movie button.
Choose the output quality you want for your movie. Good creates a Standard Definition movie, Best creates a High Definition movie.

Movies are limited to 38 slides. If your slideshow is larger, only the first 38 slides will be included.

When you're ready, tap the Make Movie button. Kinetic Light will start to make your movie.

You can cancel the process at any time.
Don't switch to another app whilst Kinetic Light is making your movie. If you do, Kinetic Light will cancel the process.

After processing and making your movie, Kinetic Light will save it to your camera roll.
To watch your video, open the Photos app and select the Camera Roll.

You can transfer your video to your computer next time you sync with iTunes.

Or, you can upload the video directly to YouTube from the Photos app.

Tap the Action button at the left of the toolbar, and then tap the Send to YouTube button.
If you haven't done so before, you'll be asked to log into YouTube.

Complete the form and tap the Publish button to share your video via YouTube.