Important Update Information for Users of Cute Slideshow

The latest version of Cute Slideshow (Version 1.2.1) is an essential upgrade for all users of Cute Slideshow. If you're using an earlier version of Cute Slideshow it's important that you upgrade to the latest version BEFORE you upgrade your device's operating system.

Why do I need to do this?

We've discovered that, following an operating system upgrade, photos may disappear from existing slideshows. With version 1.2.1 we've changed the format used to store slideshows to prevent this happening. The new version will also update all your existing slideshows to use the new format.

What do I need to do?

Just upgrade Cute Slideshow to the latest version (1.2.1). Either download it from the App Store using iTunes and sync your iPhone or iPod touch, or open the App Store app from your device and tap the Updates tab. Once you've updated Cute Slideshow, open it and allow it to update your slideshows.

It's important that you upgrade Cute Slideshow on all the devices you own before you upgrade to a new version of the iOS operating system. This is so Cute Slideshow can update your slideshows before they become damaged.

What happens when I install the new version?

Cute Slideshow automatically detects whether any of your slideshows need updating. When you launch the app it will show an alert warning you that your slideshows require updating. This alert will be shown each time you launch the app until you update all your slideshows.

After dismissing the alert you’ll be taken to the Update Screen.

The Update screen lists all the slideshows that need updating. Tap the Update Button to begin the updating process. You can cancel the process at any time and return to it later. Each time you launch Cute Slideshow you’ll be taken back to this screen, until all your slideshows have been updated.

What Happens When You Update Your Slideshows

When you update your slideshows to the new format, Cute Slideshow stores its own copies of the photos your slideshow uses. This means you won’t lose access to your slideshows when you upgrade your operating system. It also means if you delete one of your slideshow photos from your device’s Photo Library, you’ll still be able to see it in your slideshow.

Because they contain copies of your photos, your slideshows will take up more space on your device. Because of this, we’ve reduced the maximum size of new slideshows to 100 slides. If you have any existing slideshows that are larger, they’ll be converted in their entirety. Before updating your slideshows, you may want to review your slideshows and delete any you no longer require.

Cute Slideshow will estimate the amount of space required to update all your slideshows and warn you if it thinks the process will leave you with too little space on your device.