front page snapper

Put Yourself On The Front Page With Front Page Snapper

Swansea, UK December 12, 2011 - Cute Logic have today released Front Page Snapper, a fun camera app for iPhone and iPod touch. Front Page Snapper lets users create newspaper front pages starring themselves and their friends and families. These can be shared with the wider world via email and Twitter.

Users take a picture using the iPhone or iPod touch's built-in camera, or choose one from their photo library. In an instant, Front Page Snapper turns it into a newspaper front page. Users may select a template and customise headlines. Front Page Snapper comes with 12 newspaper templates, from aged broadsheets to brash modern tabloids. The finished product can be shared with friends via email or Twitter, or printed out.

"Front Page Snapper makes it easier than ever to get yourself in the papers," said Cute Logic Director, Chris Lewis.

* Take photos or choose from your iPhone or iPod touch photo library
* 12 newspaper templates
* Add your own headlines
* Save front pages to your camera roll
* Email to friends
* Publish via Twitter (iOS 5 and Twitter account required)
* Print (AirPrint compatible printer and device required)

System Requirements
Front Page Snapper requires an iPhone or iPod touch with OS 4.0 or above. iPod touch 4G is required to take pictures with Front Page Snapper. AirPrint compatible printer and device is required for printing. OS 5.0 or above is required to share front pages via Twitter.

Pricing and Availability
Front Page Snapper is available now on the App Store. US pricing $0.99.